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Dim Sum Love Book

Dim Sum Love Book

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The perfect book to help understand how food can be a sign of love in some cultures. And how some of our fondest memories are wrapped in and around food.

Book Introduction:

Lily is looking forward to her weekend sleepover with her friends. But her Dad has very different plans for the family. What can both Lily and her Dad learn as their weekend unfolds?

Book Benefits:

This book is a great resource and story for families who want to bridge the cultural and generational gaps between them.

  • UNDERSTANDING CULTURE & GENERATIONS - One of the most important things we can do as parents is to help our children understand different cultures and the way that love is expressed in each one. This book does just that, with stories and examples from Chinese families specifically.
  • FAMILY CONVERSATIONS - Too often, difficult conversations about love and family are left unspoken. This book provides a safe space for families to have those conversations, learn about their ancestors, and better understand one another.
  • GIFT FOR THE NEW YEAR - What better way to ring in the Chinese New Year than with this wonderful book? It's the perfect gift for anyone looking to better understand the complexities of love in Asian households.
  • LEARN ABOUT ASIAN CUISINE AND CHINESE CHARACTERS - This beautifully written and illustrated book is the perfect way to learn more about Chinese culture and cuisine. You'll also learn how to recognize your favorite dishes in Chinese!

This book will help you understand your family better and how they think. It will also help you learn about other cultures and traditions that maybe different from yours.

Size & Dimensions

Dimensions: 20.32 x 0.33 x 20.32 cm

Print Length: 52 pages


Publication date: Jan. 29, 2022

ISBN-10: 177773164X

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